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Boys Will Be Boys :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 4 1
Clean Up In Aisle 483 Ch 5
Clean Up In Aisle 483
Chapter 5

Emily was about ready to crack.
She had been waiting for Naima over an hour, not including the time she spent searching through the hormone-filled dance floor. Initially she had been assigned as purse girl--and that worked for her. She would watch the public orgy, have a couple of drinks, and then after Naima had fulfilled her party appetite, they went home.
But Naima hadn't shown up for her routine lip gloss check. She had turned that club upside down, and Naima wasn't there. Surely she would have called--except for the fact that Emily was holding her purse, cell phone inside.
Pacing back and forth in front of the bed, both her own and Naima's cell phones laying in the center, she waited for a phone call and every new minute made her stomach turn. She was fully prepared to run into Mr. and Mrs. Dreher's bedrooms and tell them everything. Not that she was a snitch. She had snuck out of her house plenty of times, until four in the morning on the ra
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Tokio Hotel Cosplay II :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 15 8 Tokio Hotel Cosplay - Bill III :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 8 14 Tokio Hotel Cosplay - Bill II :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 6 16 Tokio Hotel Cosplay - Bill Tom :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 4 9 Tokio Hotel Cosplay - Bill :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 3 3 Tokio Hotel Cosplay - Tom :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 6 3 GIRL TH Cosplay - Billina II :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 6 3 GIRL TH Cosplay - Tomicita II :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 4 2 GIRL TH Cosplay - Billina :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 4 3 GIRL TH Cosplay - Tomicita :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 0 1 Tokio Hotel Cosplay :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 23 16
Clean Up In Aisle 483 Ch 4
"Now, I'm into bondage as much as the next person, but BOTH of us in cuffs at the same time is new, even for me!"
"Would you just shut up already?" Naima hissed, her head pressed against the window. To think that twenty minutes earlier she had found him so irresistible. Now the only thing she was finding hard to resist about him was using his own headband to suffocate him.
She was embarrassed enough as it was. She had just been arrested for prostitution with none other than Tom Kaulitz, who was now suggesting every possible sexual fantasy he had going on in his mind. The officer had been on his radio for several minutes, and at this point she was certain the entire station could hear the ramblings of a certain drunken idiot. Naima wasn't much better in the drinking department, but at least she wasn't trying to get it on in the backseat, thrilled at the idea of them both being handcuffed.
"Oh come on, you weren't complaining back in the club."
"Yeah, until I realized what the disgusting
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Anime Bill 2 :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 9 1 Anime Bill :icontrianglespwn:TrianglesPwn 3 2


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He Didn't Love Her
I'm crying.
I'm not crying because Zutara didn't happen. I'm not even crying because Kataang happened.
I'm crying because Kataang happened just because.
Aang showed more love, attention and affection for Appa than he did for Katara.
Since "the Fortuneteller" in Season 1 when Aang first discovers that he has a crush on Katara, what has Aang done for her? He returned her necklace to her. He invited her to dance with him. What else? Please, tell me, what else?
He forced himself onto her several times, never listening to her feelings.
He was mean to her, broke promises to her, and stopped apologizing to her. He put her in danger, threw fits that endangered her, and didn't say sorry.
Sokka made a sand sculpture of his love, Suki. Aang made a sand sculpture of his love, Appa.
For someone who supposedly loved a woman, Aang seldom ever thought of her, let alone took care of her, or showed any affection for her. He treated her as nothing more than another friend.
I'm crying. Aang
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So we all want Tokio Hotel on the radio, right?  And to get them more exposure in our states (so they can come to our hometowns and do a concert, right? :P)

Well...I came up with an idea today...

MONTHS ago, :iconbritishamerican22: emailed our radio station with the sound file of Ready Set Go, and they said they would put it up for Slam it or Jam It, but they never did.  Thus I came up with a fan action.

We could email each others Radio Stations, requesting to hear Tokio Hotel played (Either Ready Set Go or Monsoon) from as many email addresses as possible.

If you would like your station to be emailed, post your local stations email address here and I'll add it to the list so we can all get at it, haha.
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engel-xoxo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Hi would you listen to a youtube video of mine and help spread it across the net. when you have the chance to?

It's my english verison of
Lass uns Laufen by Tokio Hotel

written and recored by me; titled
"Let us Run"

It's something I want to share with Th fans around the world, i need some help doing it :/

My goal & hope is that my video one day will get to Bill, although I doubt it will, i hope still. :)

Thank you it honestly means soo much to me. <3
iluvampires Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
My friends and I are going to try and dress up as Tokio Hotel for Halloween and I was wondering if you had any tips for Bill and Tom's hair? It would help out SOOO much!
TrianglesPwn Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! Well, I had had better Bill hair days before the day I actually took the pictures, but really I hairsprayed, then teased to HELL! Unfortunately that went flat so I hairsprayed it more, and then teased more. By then...the hair was so stiff I started pulling hair out >.< But yeah, if you hair spray, then brush it out, then tease it it should be a textured stiff, so then just hairspray it once more. That's what I did most of the time ^.^
iluvfullmetal Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009   Photographer
haha i was about to enter that dA's celeb crew thing as hyde, and i checked to see if he was already taken. turns out, i was quite dissappointed when i saw he was xD but its alrightt, hes still great, correct me if im wrong :love:
TrianglesPwn Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Hehe, sorry. The moment I saw he was free I was like HOT DIGGITY DAMN!
iluvfullmetal Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009   Photographer
haha its fine, dont worry about it :D
i would have done the same xD

so u like death note? lol my friends spoiled the ending for me T_T but i finished the series anyway :D
TrianglesPwn Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Oh yes, I love Death Note! Haha, I watch it straight through, the whole series, in 2 days. And I spent the next week thinking L had put cameras in my apartment.
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pumpkin-sushi Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008
Ooooh another Hyde fan here on DA! :love:
TrianglesPwn Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
haha, he's forever my love ^.^
pumpkin-sushi Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
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